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Starting A Movement



In this episode I sit down with one of my good friends and current Strength & Conditioning Coach Gilly Smith. It has been said that you are the average of your five closest friends; well Gilly most definitely brings UP my average. I am gracious for her inspiration, guidance and thankful for her taking the time to give us a behind the scenes peak into this very special project she has been creating.



All of us have dreams of creating something special and financial supporting ourselves by doing something we love. Gilly started out with the goal to go bigger and she has developed a Movement. The Movement has commenced with her new Crossfit event series Femme Royale, through this she is empowering women to challenge themselves and grow through discovering their true potential. In this podcast we sit down to talk about she found the inspiration to initiate this movement and gives us the secrets on how she did it. She walks us through how life’s challenges have equipped her with the ability to lift up the thousands around her by producing one of the premier Crossfit Events while also owning and coaching Crossfit Second Chance and producing a clothing line. Gilly is a beautiful reminder of how the challenges in life bring us new opportunities to grow and help other to become better.



“Femme Royale is an expression, way of life for the women of our generation. Striving to live a stronger more passionate life. Not accepting defeat. Owning who they are and what they want to become. Powerful women who want to change the world.”

— Femme Royale



“Femme Royale was born out of countless vision boards and big dreams. It lived within my soul. Standing up for what I believe in, staying true to my murals and core values was the pivotal point on really launching the Femme Royale Movement. ”

— Femme Royale



“Femme Royale really took off because failure was NOT an option. After having my soul crushed, I was determined to empower women to do what they were told they couldn’t. Inspire them to believe in themselves. Because these are all the things I was overcoming at the time. I knew my purpose was greater than just living out my own dreams, or overcoming my own disbeliefs and fears. My purpose lies within helping other women. ”

— Femme Royale



“Vision. Dream. Purpose. Inspire. ”

Hope you beautiful people enjoy listening to it as much as I did recording it.






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