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We are a lifestyle brand… We are a Women’s Movement… We are whatever we want to be.

The possibilities are endless.


FEMME is a strong, powerful word for a female. It holds much more weight than chick, gal, girl, miss, damsel, broad… you get the point. Femme makes a statement, yet is still feminine.


ROYALE because it sounds regal. Has importance, magnificent, confidence and displays qualities of a queen.


:: Women’s Competition ::

For women, by women. We believe in lifting others up, versus tearing them down. Getting women to step outside their comfort zones, and confront their fears through competition. We want to create an environment for growth and positive vibes only.

:: Apparel ::

An expression through fashion and what we choose to represent.

:: Workshops ::

Like minded women coming together, providing the tools to succeed, knowledge is power, and building confidence.

:: Core Values ::

Authentic  / / Compassion //  Integrity // Strength  // Camaraderie



A queen on her throne is a woman who has mastered herself. She’s not perfect, but she is complete. She has come to the full realization that everything she needs to fulfill her mission can be found within. She’s uncovered her powers & she knows how to use them. She’s no longer on the path, she has become the path.


We are a grassroots women’s movement. We do things differently. We are passionate. We live by our core values. We are self made. We don’t have anyone financially backing us, every penny we make goes right back into the company. We don’t sponsor or endorse well known athletes/celebrities with tons of followers. We believe that what we are doing should speak for itself not because someone is getting paid to speak on our behalf. We want everyone to share our beliefs because they truly believe in what we are doing. We want to create a brand/movement that truly changes people’s lives. We want to give back to our communities. We want to make an impact in the world. We want to help others recognize the greatness that lies within themselves. We want to inspire others, to live with purpose and intention. We think every female is important and can be apart of our movement. We encourage self confidence and to take ownership in your own life. We believe being mentally strong, is just as important as being physically strong.



Release Your Inner Lioness

It’s our tagline.

It’s what we live by. It’s what we strive to do as a women’s movement. We strive to awaken that lioness that lives within all of us.

Imagine this, a cute gazelle grazing the land, going about it’s day with no particular plan. There’s an abundance of grass, it’s calm, and quite clueless to be honest. The gazelle has no motivation to do anything, it has no “why”. Until the lion comes into the field. Now the gazelle is alert, ready to run, and extremely motivated to NOT get eaten. But it’s “why” is temporary, only when the lion is present is the gazelle motivated. It’s reactive to it’s current situation, it allows an outside source to determine its motivation.


Then you have a beautiful lioness who commands respect with her presence. Her beauty is not only fierce but it possesses magnificent strength and passion.  The lioness is extremely proactive. She is literally and figuratively hungry, always on the hunt. If she doesn’t take action she won’t be able to provide for her family or her pride. Her “why” runs deep, and has a bigger purpose than just herself. It isn’t a question if she wants to, it’s she has to. When lionesses come together as a pride they are unstoppable, a force to be reckoned with, and can conquer all. We aren’t here to motivate you, but to awaken your inner lioness. Find your purpose and live with intention.

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