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Take the good with the bad. Appreciate the darkness toenjoy the light. The up and down roller coaster we call life. Pain & discomfort brings you closer to joy & comfort. Seasons come and seasons go. Transitions. Change begets growth. The ebb & flow of your journey. You get the point. It’s the ying to the yang of life. Balance is key, and not getting to far stuck on one side of the pendulum.


I find myself more aware of the ebbs and flow of life more than ever before. I’ve learned to lean into the discomfort, the pain, the loss, the failure because that’s where the growth happens. Of course avoiding, or numbing, or becoming anxious over what I can not control is way easier than facing the discomfort head on. But what good does that do?? I’ve failed more times then I can count. I’ve lost good friends. I’ve rebuilt from the ground up. And I wouldn’t change any of it. Moving forward is what keeps us unstuck in the ruts of life.


The last few months I’ve gone through a pretty big transition. I’ve let myself enjoy the new, unknown, loses, less structural living, traveling, and appreciated the fruits of my labors. But in the process I’ve become out of balance and a bit of a slacker. Nothing detrimental. I just know I’m not doing all the things I could be doing. Not being intentional with my spirituality, zero consistency in workouts, and not working on a goal or the bigger picture. I’ve found myself consumed with things, situations, or people I can not control.


After spending the weekend with my girls, it was a big accountability wake up call. Who do I want to be and am I doing everything I can to become that person? Now I would normally have felt guilt or shame, the feeling of not being good enough. I now know that I can accept it for what it’s worth. It’s part of the process. Sometimes we need to get a little lost to stop and ask for directions.



This past week I’ve gotten intentional with my YESes. Said no to opportunities or experiences that won’t take me closer to the end goal. I’m done riding on the fence. Either I’m all in or all out. I have no problem doing the work, or investing the time. I actually enjoy the difficult, the grit, the grind. It makes it so much sweeter in the end.


So here’s what I’ll be up to in the next few months… I’ve set three major goals one in the professional, spiritual, and physical realms of my life. I know that working on my goals, will be working on myself. I’m in control of the outcome. My results are a direct reflection of the time and effort invested.


Personal/Professional :: LifeCoaching Degree — for the next 4 months I’ll be working a program that will help me acquire skills to become a certified Life Coach. I’ve found that I don’t just want to be a Coach in the physical element. I want to dig deep into the emotional / mental side of coaching. Because that’s where to true growth stems from.


Spiritual :: Planning and Fundraising a Mission Trip to Africa — In April 2016 we will be traveling to Uganda to build an orphanage for the young girls who are living on the streets. The goal is to raise $50k+. We will be hosting events in SoCal & Austin that will build awareness and bring the fitness communities together.  Femme Royale will be teaming up with Grit cycle, for the first event in November with a Charity Karma Ride. RedWolf CrossFit will be hosting a Femme Royale women’s competition in December with all the proceeds going towards the Go & Tell Missionaries.


Physical :  IronMan 70.3 Hawaii — that’s a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 run. Yah. That’s gonna take some training, consistency and sacrifice. So if you want to train — swim, bike, or run hit me up! I want this to be a fun journey, filled with sweat, laughs and memories. Not only do I want to become stronger physically and mentally from this adventure. But stronger within in a new fitness community outside of CrossFit. I’ll still be training CrossFit, but just with a different intention, different end goal. Time to broaden my circle of fitness junkies.


So for the next few months, I’ll be pretty busy. I know none of this will happen overnight, nor do I want it to. Everyday I get to wake up with intention, and know my daily choices will get me closer to the BIGGER picture. I’m using these three mantras that I heard the other night at the LA CITY Church; from an amazing pastor, Judah Smith. Check him out he’s unbelievable, real and totally relatable.


– Do it with confidence. Have no fear, because I know who I am and whose I am.


– Do it with consideration of others. What you do, effects everyone around you. Make your deeds totally blameless, your motives pure, be authentic, and always keep your promises.


– Do it with a thankful heart. Gratitude is the key to joy. We are blessed with this life, and it’s up to you to make the most of it. You can’t be the victor and the victim. So choose one. Choose who and what you want to be come in this lifetime.



I’m excited to start this new chapter and journey. I’m so grateful to be blessed with the opportunities to chase my dreams and make a difference. I want to inspire others to step up and be intentional in their lives. Whatever you dream you can achieve. But the first step is getting your mind right, everything else will follow suit.


xoxo Gilly


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