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FEMME ROYALE is hitting the open road… here we go!!!


I am sure you have all heard the saying “if it excites you and scares the crap out of you, you should probably do it.”  If not that exact one, something similar.


Which leads us to our newest adventure… we will be hitting the road this January. Femme Royale will be traveling across the nation hosting our women’s competitions, trunk shows, and workshops. We will be posting our where abouts, and adventures via social media.


Traveling to spread the good word of Femme Royale has been a dream of ours and it’s finally becoming a reality. Femme Royale believes in empowering women to overcome challenges, supporting other women, building their confidence and helping them release their inner LIONESS. We exists because of all the YOU, all the women we have come in contact over the years. Because of all of you, it has given us hope that we can truly make a HUGE impact on the world. Your feedback, love, support, and positive growth has compelled us chase down our BIG dreams.


For the last three years, Crystal and I have been consumed with owning and running our CrossFit gyms. This was both what we knew and loved, very much. It was working within our comfort zone. Crystal and I became best friends while living in Austin, Texas. We worked closely with Carey Kepler, owner of CrossFit Central who was both our mentor and third member of our lioness pride. When we get together, nothing is impossible. Everything is achievable.  


Even though we all haven’t been in the same place, our desires to change the world have only grown stronger. Last New Year’s Eve, we declared that 2015 we would make get our cards aligned and put our plans into action. While it’s been a long eleven months, but we have finally gotten our goals and visions completely aligned. Crystal and I have decided to step back from our roles and ownership positions within our gyms and take on Femme Royale full time. We truly have decided and committed to “GO ALL IN”.


The first six months of 2016 we will be traveling across the nation promoting and putting on Femme Royale Women’s Competitions. We want to reach, and connect with as many women as possible. We want to share the stories of the women we meet, through our blogs and social media outlets. We want to inspire other women who may not think they are capable of living their best life. We want to share our expertise with women across the nation. We want women to stop playing small and start LIVING big. To chase down their dreams. Because this, is exactly what we will be doing. We will be out spreading our love for working with passionate women. Don’t for one second think we aren’t freaking out, or giving ourselves daily motivational pep talks that we aren’t crazy. Well actually it’s usually Crystal convincing me to settle down and focus but that’s besides the point. We know there’s a HUGE risk in what we are about to do. What if we fail, what if we run out of gas, food, what if we get lost, what if our car blows up or the mere fact of leaving my beloved fur child behind !!!! The fears are endless, but ahhhh what if we succeed. What if we reach more women and actually chase down our dreams and turn them into a reality. What if we get more women on board with our mission to CHANGE THE WORLD. We are ALL capable of changing the world, but it starts with the world we are living in. It starts with making a positive impact on those around you.


This is what gets us excited, just having the opportunity to get out on the road and make a difference. I’m convinced all our past experiences have led us to this exact point. We are about to embark on a life changing journey, and we are beyond excited to share it with all of you.


We are both big believers in constantly working to improve yourself. Each day we have the opportunity to make small changes, that lead to big results. We have taken some time off, from the hustle and bustle and committed to spending time with family and working on our own personal development.  Hence why we’ve been a little “quiet” on social media. With doing so, we’ve both had the opportunity to get clarity on what our individual purpose is. Keep an eye out for our new projects.


Crystal’s calling is helping women get comfortable in their bodies and doing mission work. She has helped numerous women, find their inner confidence through healthy eating and challenging their physical capabilities. She will be offering online coaching, an online e-book that can help you all achieve your fitness goals. Crystal is the main driving force for the mission work we will be doing in Africa this spring. We are fundraising to build an orphanage in Uganda. The money we raise will go towards creating a safe environment for these little girls. This will help get these girls, off the streets, and into school. Education is a crucial key to making a difference in these third world countries.


I have been studying and working on becoming a life coach. I love the idea of working with others, to help them live their best life yet. Over the years of coaching, I’ve found your emotional and mental strength is just as important as your physical. Working with clients in recovery from addiction has taught me, it’s internal. It’s the beliefs and stories we created of why aren’t good enough, or ways of coping with discomfort. If you can get your head right, EVERYTHING else will follow. It starts from within. When you can align your inner desires with your outward actions, one can truly start living to their fullest potential.


Femme Royale is excited about this new chapter, we hope you are too! So stay tuned! Big things coming in 2016.


Please pass along the good word, if you know of women in other cities or states have them contact us. We would love to meet your people. We will be setting up weekly trunk shows, and workshops in different cities.

We plan on having events in these major cities :: Denver, Miami, Washington DC, Hawaii, Seattle, New Orleans, Nashville, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Toronto, Napa, Portland, and of course coming back to our home Southern California.


You can send them to our website www.femmeroyale.com — there will be a contact us page for anyone who is interested in our Women’s Movement. Or have them email me at gilly@femmeroyale.com


Our Mantra

no more playing it safe

we were made to be extraordinary

not live an average life

chasing adventure.


trust your personal truth

follow your heart

go all in.


when you’re scared

you can always fall back onto gratitude.


focus on gratitude in your life

if you have big dreams

it’s gonna be risky to go after them

you’re going to have to leave things behind

people aren’t going to understand you

worth the risk at the end of the day

to go for your dreams

better than playing it safe your entire life

playing small.


it is so possible

you have to believe in yourself that you matter

you were put on this planet for a reason

to make a difference

but you matter

we all matter.

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