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Her Story by Kate O’Connor


Her Story > by Kate O’Connor

Featuring a new story each week and highlighting what it means to Release Your Inner Lioness. We encourage you all to read, share, reflect, and let us know what it means to YOU to Release Your Inner Lioness.
Meet Kate O’Connor she competed at one of our Women’s Competition this past June. Her story, as a survivor, as a mother, and finding her worth.

I’m 35, 2-time cancer survivor, therapist, mother of 2 little girls, and most recently, divorced from a very toxic/emotionally abusive man.

I’ve never considered myself to be athletic until now. I’ve never realized my worth until now.

Crossfit brought me my realization that I AM in fact athletic, becoming a marriage therapist (ironic, I know) made me realize the abuse going on in my own marriage and that I needed to get out for my girls and me, and then I lost who I started to become.

I forgot my worth. I found myself in another relationship similar to my marriage and luckily got out of that, however, it was another slam to my worth. Getting out of bed became so difficult, but I knew my worth at my gym and in my girls’ eyes – those two things kept me fighting to find myself again.

The Femme Royale Women’s Competition literally slammed my worth back in my face. I faced my fears with one of my best friends. I was surrounded by amazing supportive women.

I’ve honestly never felt so confident in my life. I look at the pictures of myself and all these other amazing women from that day and am filled with an overwhelming sense of pride I haven’t felt in forever.

I forgot who I was, but honestly, thanks to you and your movement – I was reminded. I’m scarred, scared, been heartbroken.. but I’m a fighter. And I’ve survived worse. As a social worker, I can understand not feeling like your emotional and financial investment is literally not being returned.

I just wanted you to know you’ve made a tremendous and priceless impact on my life – and the lives of my little girls too. They want to start lifting to be like their mom!

My teammate and I are already planning to attend next year’s Wisco event – this time in the RX division.

Thank you. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart! Don’t ever think you aren’t making a difference because you are.



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    Love love LOVE THIS!!!!!

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