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I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin with big dreams, so off to California I went. There I pursued a degree in fashion and fitness. While studying Merchandise Marketing & Business Management in Los Angeles, I fell in love with the CrossFit community and lifestyle.

In 2008, I obtained my CrossFit Kids and Level One certification. My first CrossFit job was working the front desk and interning as a CrossFit coach in Austin TX. This period of my life was a time of rebirth, self development, and discovery. I was surrounded by strong empowering women, but struggling with my own identity.

I began creating a vision as to what I wanted my life to look like. I decided to move back to California and went on to manage one of the largest CrossFit gyms in SoCal and assisted in planning the OC Throwdown in 2011, which sparked my interest in organizing events. 

A Small Town Girl That loves the beach found her home in the Caribbean. 

Fitness/life coach  Designer

After much self reflection, my vision started to become more clear. I started tapping into my creative side and began to plan a series of women’s fitness competitions and designed an inspirational apparel line. In early 2012, I launched the Femme Royale Movement. After that first event, being surrounded by so many amazing women and experiencing the impact it had on them, I knew this was it! I had found my true purpose! The exciting and successful launch cost me my manager position but I decided to overcome my fear of failure and grow the FR Movement. 

I later went on to open my own gym in Southern California called CrossFit Second Chance. There, I enjoyed building a wonderful community and working with people in recovery to help them find a healthier lifestyle. I continued my fitness pursuits and obtained my CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Olympic Lifting certification and Life Coaching certificate. 

After two years of gym ownership I took the leap and committed 100% to FR. I packed up my life, bought a van and headed out on the open road with my good friend Crystal. We traveled to numerous fitness events, hosted FR events and set up trunkshows all over the US. That first year was full of learning curves and trying experiences. But since then, I have successfully organized 45 women’s competitions and continue to design inspirational apparel.

Since creating the Femme Royale Movement I firmly believe in creating a vision for your life. “If you don’t know where you’re going how will you ever get there?” In my opinion, the secret to a fulfilling life is being able to enjoy the journey towards your BIG VISION. This is where self awareness and growth occurs and what you truly desire, becomes clear. When life gets us down or failures stop us in our tracks, vision allows us to focus on the right path. My goal/purpose/desire is to help other women find their purpose and live out what their own soul is calling them to do. I believe that once we learn to stop allowing fear to control us, anything is possible. 

Over the past five years she has grown her other company the Femme Royale Movement to a nationwide competition series, and an internationally known apparel company. After studying merchandise marketing in Los Angeles. She saw a need for apparel that was both feminine, and strong as well encouraged women’s empowerment. Having a passion for both fashion and fitness it was clear she wanted to inspire women through casual active wear. Her biggest desire is to help other women find their purpose and help women discover what their soul is calling them to do/become. ​Her passion is to work with women that desire to release their inner lioness. We all have a purpose and we are the only one that truly know what that purpose is within us. Helping others overcome their fears whether it be in or outside of the gym. Gilly is a true believer that once we learn how to not let fear control us, anything is possible. 

She is a firm believer in creating a vision of what you want your future to look like. If you don’t know where you’re going how will you ever get there? But the secret is to enjoy the journey it takes to reach your BIG VISION. That’s where the growth and true awakening of what your soul desires lays. While working to become an accredited life coach, she realized the open road was calling. Gilly set out on a six month road trip with her best friend that lasted two years. She ended up in St Thomas visiting Gabriel Gruver, which she meet in June 2013 at the CrossFit Latin American regionals. Gilly was there as a vendor and Gabe was on the RCFSTT regionals team. They have been together ever since. After traveling the world, completing a half Ironman in Kona, Hawaii, hosting 11 events across the nation, and went on a mission trip to Uganda, Africa she has relocated to St Thomas, USVI. Now calling the Caribbean island home as well as the headquarters of Femme Royale. As well is now the owner of Reebok CrossFit St Thomas with her boyfriend Gabriel Gruver. 

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Gilly's Purpose

life coach, visionary, designer that aids women in finding their own purpose so they can live a life they desire while overcoming their own fears. 

gilly anne smith

an expression, a way of life for the women of our generation.
Striving to live a stronger more passionate life.

Not accepting defeat.

Owning who they are and what they want to become.

Powerful women who want to change the world.

Femme Royale is...

We exist...

To help other women to “Release Their Inner Lioness".
To live out what is within their souls, assist in finding their purpose, and live out their greatest desires.

To release their fears, and bring women together to support one another. 

the future of the femme royale movement

We're so excited about what we have planned for the upcoming year and beyond!

Check back soon for more information about:
• Our new E-Courses that teach women how to "Release their Inner Lioness"
• Women's retreats in the Caribbean 
• Women’s Competitions in Wisco / Denver / SoCal / Napa / Houston 

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the history of the femme royale movement

Femme Royale was born out of countless vision boards and big dreams. It lived within my soul. Standing up for what I believe in, staying true to my morals and core values was the pivotal point on really launching the Femme Royale Movement. Femme Royale really took off because failure was NOT an option. After having my soul crushed, I was determined to empower women to do what they were told they couldn't. Inspire them to believe in themselves. Because these are all the things I was overcoming at the time. I knew my purpose was greater than just living out my own dreams, or overcoming my own disbeliefs and fears. My purpose lays within helping other women. Instantly after committing myself to taking Femme Royale to the next level, I got on the phone with my best friend Crystal. The conversation went something along the lines.. of "This is it." And she knew exactly what was up. We both knew that it was time to create our movement for women. Then I got on the phone with Carey and Aly, they both were in too. I told them the dates of the events, and bring your A game. It's go time. 


the history of the femme royale movement

Follow your heart. Period. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, learn to roll with the punches and have fun. To be honest when I first starting putting on the Femme Royale Women's Competitions, I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew is that I wanted the girls competing to have an absolute blast. We had a lot of trial and error but we stayed true to our WHY we were putting these events on. I can honestly say every event gets better and better because we reflect on what we are doing right, and where we can make improvements. We have a PURPOSE and that is what makes us more than just an average competition. Lastly, we are really good at adapting to whatever circumstances, or challenges we face with our events. We've got our planning and execution dialed in, so now just comes down to our attitude, and its up to us... we can make the best or the worst of any situation. 
Visionary. Dream. Intentional. Inspire. Purpose Driven. 

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The History of Femme Royale Events

Femme Royale caters to the 98% of women CrossFitters. Our competitions are put on to bring ALL types of women together through competition. 3 partner style workouts, 2 divisions, 1 purpose. It isn't about one girl, but a group of women that share the same powerful vision and passion for life. Femme Royale is a platform for women who desire more. We believe competitions are a healthy outlet for women to learn a lot about themselves. Overcoming what they never thought was possible. An opportunity to adopt new empowering beliefs about themselves. Breakthrough mental limitation, an opportunity to develop a strong work ethic, discipline, and overcome challenges. We believe our competitions will help women build a stronger self confidence. Competency for their own life, not only through a physical capacity but in their emotional, mental, spiritual development as well.


the history of femme royale Events

Femme Royale started as movement for women to be empowered and inspired. We didn't want it to just be a women's competition. We wanted to incorporate apparel, have rad music and move the women with our event. Our first event we planned for March 2nd of 2013. We had 43 teams register from all over SoCal in both the Fun & Rx divisions. We had vendors show up, a friend dj, a pretty deep crowd, the ladies had a blast and we launched our first tank top. Our second event was held at Valley CrossFit, and was a sold out event with 60 teams. After Valley we took a step back and made major improvements. We realized it wasn't just about the athletes but it was truly about EVERYONE involved. From the judges, volunteers, vendors, spectators, gym owners, athletes, medical staff, the DJ, the MC, and the athlete coordinators. From there we've expanded our event capacity and sold out every time. Our biggest event we had 100 teams- that's 200 women competing and it was the best event we've had yet. There's something unexplainable about the energy of the women coming together, who share the same passion about life. You could tell some of the girls were nervous because it was their first competition. While for other girls this wasn't their first rodeo and were there to have fun on the competition stage. Over all we had over 80 PR's that day on the Clean Ladder, so there's something magical about our events! We traveled to Las Vegas and Houston, and plan on taking it across the nation, hopefully internationally. We are planning on hosting 12+ events in 2015, and traveling outside of Southern California. We are also in the process of redesigning and launching our online retail store.  

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