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We all have that voice in our heads that says, “come this way. TRUST ME, it’s what you want. I promise everything is going to be ok. Follow me.” Sometimes, it’s a whisper, sometimes it’s screaming at us, and sometimes, we think that voice must be absolutely crazy, because our fears tell us there is […]

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About Gilly & Femme Royale

I’m a health and life coach, vision board junkie, apparel designer and gym owner living in the Caribbean.  In 2012, I launched the Femme Royale Movement.

It all began with an inspirational apparel line and women’s fitness competitions, and the goal of an environment for women to compete while connecting and empowering one another. I find no greater satisfaction than helping others become aware of and harness the power they have had inside them all along.

I truly believe I am living out my purpose and hope I can inspire you to do the same!

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