I was on the verge of opening my own studio space in Laguna Beach, off Canyon Road. It had been four months since I’d left CrossFit Second Chance to solely purse Femme Royale. I wanted to create my own space that I could privately train clients, work on Femme Royale projects, designs, and keep all […]

I am sure you have all heard the saying “if it excites you and scares the crap out of you, you should probably do it.”  If not that exact one, something similar.   Which leads us to our newest adventure… we will be hitting the road this January. Femme Royale will be traveling across the […]

Patience is something I’ve been struggling with lately. Patience is like the black hole of emotion for me. When I start asking these powerful questions, what is it that I truly want, who do I want to become, what does my ideal day look like, what do I truly enjoy doing most, where do I […]

Take the good with the bad. Appreciate the darkness toenjoy the light. The up and down roller coaster we call life. Pain & discomfort brings you closer to joy & comfort. Seasons come and seasons go. Transitions. Change begets growth. The ebb & flow of your journey. You get the point. It’s the ying to […]

We are a lifestyle brand… We are a Women’s Movement… We are whatever we want to be. The possibilities are endless.   FEMME is a strong, powerful word for a female. It holds much more weight than chick, gal, girl, miss, damsel, broad… you get the point. Femme makes a statement, yet is still feminine. […]

This blog has taken me wayyyyy too long to write.     It’s quite clear that I have been avoiding it at all costs. It’s not that it wasn’t important to me or I didn’t have the time. When it is important you find the time, period. I was letting my fear creep in and […]

  In this episode I sit down with one of my good friends and current Strength & Conditioning Coach Gilly Smith. It has been said that you are the average of your five closest friends; well Gilly most definitely brings UP my average. I am gracious for her inspiration, guidance and thankful for her taking […]

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