Lioness Booty Band Workout Guide

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The Summer guide to the Lioness Booty Band Workouts is here! 


We are so excited to be sharing our new bands with you. These bands will change your life, and we're not joking! 

We are firm believers that workouts should be efficient and intentional. We don't have hours and hours to spend in the gym, and enjoy getting our fitness outside when we can. 


With the Lioness Summer Workout Guide we make it easy for you to get your fitness in anywhere, anytime! 

Keep that booty high and tight this summer!


Summer Workout Guide Includes

- Movement Demos

- Pulse Squats

- Cha-Cha's

- Monster Walk

- Clam Shells

- Donkey Kicks

- Banded Glute Bridge

- Prescribed bands & reps 

- 20 Lioness Workouts 



More Details 

Inner grippy elastic piping that keeps the bands from sliding down or rolling up. 

3 Different sizes - all included.


Sunset Peach - Smallest Band 13"

Teal Waters - Medium Band 15"

Deep Blue - Large Band 17"

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