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Style: Tops

By adding an "oops top" to your cart, you will receive a surprise top from our "OOPS Collection" that includes pieces that have small inconsistencies but cannot be sold with our broader collection.

The OOPS Collection contains pieces that either arrived in the wrong color or had the logo printed in the incorrect spot. And while it's frustrating for us, we also don't want to waste the items so we want to offer them to you at a discounted price! There's nothing physically wrong with the pieces (no defects, loose strings, broken straps, etc) they just aren't what we envisioned and ordered so we don't feel right selling them at full price to our customers. So how does it work? To purchase an item from our "OOPS" Collection, simply choose your style—tops or bottoms—and your size, and you'll receive a surprise discounted piece from our store.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Returns and exchanges not accepted.

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